Ibiza, Spain

November 1, 2016 |  Jason Campbell

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is one that is rich in sports tradition. With pro athletes like Rafael Nadal, Marc, and Pau Gasol the country has produced its fair share of international sports superstars.  Ibiza, an Island of the coast of Spain is more known for being the party capital of the Universe than for its sports prowess.

How shocking and unbeknownst to me that the week I was there, visitors from all over Europe would converge on this tiny Island and pack out bars along the San Antoni coast to represent their country during the UEFA Soccer Champions League this Summer. People from Portugal, Poland, UK, France Germany, you name it, packed in these tiny bars, many swathe in their country’s flag to cheer on their favorite soccer players. There are five clubs from Spain in the UEFA Champions League making it one of the most well represented countries in the tournament. With Spain gaining more prominence in tennis and basketball in recent years, soccer still remains king and is still the the biggest draw in Spain and will be for the foreseeable future ..