October 25, 2016 |  Jason Campbell

When I visited Morocco earlier this year I got the chance to take in it’s rich culture and people. I immediately became ensconced in what Morocco had to offer from its wide range of different ethnic groups, languages and traditions, to the clothing, literature and amazing artifacts and street markets like Placê Jemâael-FNA. Morocco is a country that has an interesting geographical relationship with Spain being only 7 miles away from its most Southern tip and separated by the Straight of Gibraltar. Morocco, beset on Africa’s most Northern coast, like most African countries, has a strong and deeply rooted love for soccer. Prior to my visit, I was apprised to a young man who has been receiving a lot of attention locally and regionally for his talent level in the sport at such a young age (16 years old) While I was there I was introduced to Saîd Mohammed, who turned out to be the young man in question. I was really interested in seeing more from the kid who the locals call the  “LeBron James of soccer,” in Morocco. So I visited a community soccer field where Saîid is known to frequent for a quick pick up game.  I was able to really sit down and watch him play and witness why he had garnered so much attention and international hype. Saîid was clearly a cut above his peers, but whether or not he was the second coming of LeBron James in soccer, we will just have to wait and see.